Wednesday, 15 October 2014

87 days until marathon - school meeting - Yum Cha at The Emperor's Table North Ryde RSL

I had today off work (yipee!) but had a before school meeting about the boys so didn't run then.  My marathon schedule said 50 minutes for today.  I got home after the meeting and started studying in my cosy, quiet home.  Internally, I was making excuses.  I'll go for a run later, I have so much study to do etc etc.  Finally, I came to the words 'glutamine catabolism' in my textbook and thought to myself 'I'd much rather run in the wind and rain than read anymore of THIS!  So I headed out.  At first it was just windy and not raining.  I spent the first ten minutes actively looking above and avoiding any gum trees that looked they might come down on my head (seriously, that would just be my luck!).  After 10 minutes or so it started raining lightly.  It was beautiful.  There was no one else out running and I started to feel great. Towards the end of my run my mind turned to lunch.  A mantra of 'yum cha, yum cha..' began.  Thankfully my MIL hadn't eaten yet so off we went.  I did take my textbook to read over hot chocolate afterwards :).
Post run fuel!

I LOVE these egg tarts!

I did study while sipping this

One of the world's most comfortable (and perhaps most ugliest) chairs :)

I didn't take my phone on my run - for obvious reasons.  Thankfully no gums like this fell on my head.


My meeting this morning was positive overall.  It IS difficult knowing that ultimately its not up to me to make final decisions.  The school really has been outstanding and I couldn't expect more for them.  Next year the boys will be mostly unsupported in the classroom with T2 having a shadow on the playground.  The question of separating the boys next year came up and I voiced my opinion that we'd rather they stay together.  I'm very lucky T1 has such great language skills and I can clarify what T2 is trying to say because T1 was in the classroom.

I can't imagine how difficult it would be for the parents of a non-verbal or a child who can't adequately express themselves (verbally or non-verbally) going off to school each day.  For all of you who have 'typical' kids - imagine it.  You send your kid to school, they come home and you really don't know for sure what exactly happened, how your kid feels or perhaps why they feel a certain way.  These kids can be so, so vulnerable.  Its terrifying really. 

Do you have any IEP tips?
What is your favourite yum cha dish?  Mine are steamed prawn & chive dumplings

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