Sunday, 30 November 2014

Ricadoes Strawberry and Tomato Farm - Port Macquarie

The boys loved strawberry picking (and eating scones and hot chocolate!) at RicardoesIt was great to see T2 sipping hot chocolate out of a glass mug and being totally relaxed and not worried about him tipping or breaking the cup or making a mess.  If you go to Port Macquarie be sure to stop off at Ricardoes.  Its a great place for adults and kids :).
Inside is a shop and cafe.  Think fresh scones and home made strawberry jam.

Cafe area
Looking for juicy red strawberries

Hint:  Melt some Lindt chocolate and then get dipping.  T1 ate 20 in one sitting (yes he counted!)   

T1 searching for a juicy strawberry    
So delicious!     

There are many things to buy - jams, chutneys, soaps......  
and bloody hot chilli sauce!!
The best way to eat strawberries!

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