Monday, 21 September 2015

The Universe Plotting....

against me getting fit.  We're on holiday and I set my alarm to go for a beautiful coastal run.  BUT instead I kicked my toe and badly broke my pinky.  6 weeks until it's healed so I'm going to continue to really focus on my nutrition.

My poor husband is such a trooper and took me to the hospital and now has the kids at the beach while I lie on the couch.

My toe was angled very badly the wrong way.  I may have screamed the following...
' get up!!'
' I've broken it!!!!'
' get some ice!!'
' the one that's at right angles to my foot!'
' we need to get to the hospital!'
' what colour is it?  They might have to cut it off!..aaahhhhh'

I hate the generalisation that kids with asd lack empathy.  T1 wrote me a sweet get well note and T2 wanted to stay home from the beach ' to look after mummy!'

My eldest ( neuro typical) was the kind hearted 12 year old he always is (well most of the time:)).

That's it for now.  I have a high tea with my mil booked in this arvo.  Until then I'll lie on the couch.

Have you broken your toe?

How long until you could run?

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