Saturday, 5 April 2014

Parkrun PB & twins' soccer debut!


This morning I headed down to my local Parkrun for a tough 5km.  I could feel my legs were stiff from the strength exercises I did yesterday so I thought I'd do a slower time.  I pushed pretty hard though and came out with a PB!  Very happy with that.  It looks like most of the boys' soccer games are late enough that I can keep doing my Parkruns on a Saturday.  I'm pretty happy about that.  There's nothing like racing for a good, hard session.


Today was the day!  All 3 of my boys were playing their first club soccer game.  First off was the twins.  Well- miracles really do happen.  Because T2 actually RAN (not walked) after the ball and even managed to kick it a few times.  This boy couldn't talk a couple of years ago, or understand the simplest of instructions and engaged in some pretty serious behaviours - like banging his own head.  In fact, today no-one really noticed he was 'different' at all.  And he looked like he was having fun and getting some much needed exercise.  Go T2!!! And T1 scored THREE - yes THREE goals and their team won 10-3 (not that they record the scores at this level).

Just as remarkable was the fact the whole family were able to sit on the sidelines and watch my eldest play a full one hour soccer game.  The twins played on the sideline, ate snacks and amused themselves. I wasn't stressing they would run onto the field or away from us-which is exactly what they would have done a couple of years ago.

One T2's therapists was away so this afternoon I did a session with T2 and he was fantastic - really switched on and we covered so much.  I think the more he is busy doing something 'functional' like soccer this morning, the better he is.  We had a great time together - they are the sessions I love!

After that I locked myself in a room and crammed for an anatomy and physiology test for awhile and then....

...we finished off our Saturday with watching Star Trek- Into The Darkness.  I invented a new dessert, chopped up home-made rocky road and sprinkles on vanilla ice-cream.  It was delicious!
Why didn't I think of this combo before??

We're half way through - so far so good!
What is your favourite at-home movie snack?


  1. Hello, that is just such a great soccer story... it is fantastic how things change and how our kids develop. How fab... and to all be able to watch the big brother is a milestone too.

    My wee one had his first league match of the season yesterday and absolutely LOVED every minute - it's so heart enlatging to watch boys running around and being so happy.

    Teen17 was in a band comp this arvo and I was really kicking myself for not having arranged a babysitter so that I could watch. He find my twins very annoying and embarassing and he's been very uptight so I took them away. He was fine on his own but I'd have loved to watch him and his band. I do need to step in sometimes usually when he's had a misunderstanding when he didn't understand something, usually langauge issue. Am wittering on!!

  2. Yes -it was a big day. Being an mum of ASD kids means that we never take anything for granted! A band comp - that's fantastic. I hope he went well and enjoyed himself. I don't know how you do it with your husband away - I can tell you miss him alot when he's away. I love hearing about your Teen 17. Glad you little guy had fun at his footy game.