Tuesday, 8 July 2014

WHAT a day!!!!

Where to start?


I got up bright and early (the alarm on the other side of the room is working a treat!) and did a speed session.  It went like this 1 minute fast running, 1 minutes slow x8.  The splits are below.  I'm still getting back to pre-injury form.  But I will get there.
Its probably best to look at best pace since I was running 1 min hard then 1 minute shuffle.


So much happened today.  I'll start at the beginning.  Last night I was awake stressing about some therapy and uni bills I need to pay.  I may have said a desperate prayer.  We are not poor and I'm not crying poor but these bills needed paying and I was wondering how.  Then after my run I logged into my account to pay a therapist and a lump sum of child assistance had been deposited.  I'd forgotten that parents on carers allowance get a boost at the end of the financial year.  There were tears.  Of relief.  And joy :-).

Next,  I secretly logged onto my university account.  I hadn't told anyone in my family that it was results day.  And I got two high distinctions!!!  One was for anatomy and physiology, and I've got to tell you that that subject nearly broke me - hip hip hooray!!!!

Then we went off to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 - and we had a great time.  T2 was really good again.  He does tend to talk quietly to himself but I don't think anyone nearby hears him.  My others boys were transfixed. The self-talk is the big behaviour we need to target and also one of the most difficult as it appears to be self-stimulatory.  Now that I'm able to pay my program supervisor and look her in the face, this is the behaviour we're going to target.

Then…. yes there's more!!!  When we got home I realised there was a missed call from the  aged care facility I had my interview.  And guess what? I was offered a casual position.  The pay is rubbish, the work is difficult (sounds great doesn't it?) but its excellent experience.   I've heard the best nurses are the ones who graduate after working in clinical practise while studying.  I hope I don't get too many night shifts though!

Lastly I'm finally getting my results back from TAFE (yes uni wasn't enough agony last semester) and have one mark to receive until I'm a fully fledged Assistant in Nursing, possessing the certificate 3 in aged care.

So much in one day!!!  I'm happy.  A little terrified about next semester, juggling uni, work, kids, a trip to Alice Springs and placement.  But I know I'm made of tough stuff.  After all I'm an autism mum - I can deal with anything :-).

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