Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Why I haven't run this week…..

None - sob.  Plenty of stress eating though (:()

I know I should make time for running but this is what's been going on…..


1) I started orientation at my new job as a nursing assistant- which means I have been starting work at 6.30am most days this week and been on my feet all day.
2) On the same day I started work my eldest's blood results came back - positive for glandular fever = 3 weeks off school, then half days.  He's ecstatic about the days off but very grumpy about no soccer or cricket for a month (there may have been tears!).
3) Last night my husband woke me up at 2am with heart palpitations.  It was one of the worst moments of my life.  You don't think rationally at that time and my thinking was affected by his brother's death at an early age and a soccer dad who had died in his sleep only 2 weeks before.  In my mind I pictured him going into cardiac arrest.  Such silly thinking I know, but he's never had symptoms before.  So off we went to the hospital and thankfully the tests came back clear so far.  But I'm going to make sure he gets hammered with every test possible.  Thankfully his cardiologist is just about the sweetest man on the planet - so humble even though he is  a professor of cardiology and is frequently consulted by the media.  We got no sleep and I was so wrecked last night!
4) Uni started back this week.  Have I looked at a textbook? No. Did I even sell a textbook I still need for this semester?  umm..yes.  Now I'm going to have to buy this book again.  I love wasting $$$ on textbooks.  Am I already behind?  Yes :(

The positives - my husband is tucked up in bed and well and I get to spend quality time with my eldest.   The hospital was amazing - it gave me new confidence in the health system.
Eldest's glandular symptoms (except fatigue) are gone so we might have to sneak into an empty daytime movie today - or have lunch together.  I'm working today from 2.30pm till late.

How do I deal with stress - by getting plenty of rest, exercise and healthy food?…..ummmm… unfortunately not.  The pic above pretty much sums it up.  Oh and for the record, that whole block of dairy milk is now a distant memory.  It was devoured in record time.

Does your healthy living regime last through the stressful times or are you like me and it all goes to pot? 

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