Monday, 26 January 2015

Happy Australia Day; A long, cool run

                                            Have you seen this clip?  I love it!!  I hope everyone has a Happy Australia Day.  Or should I say Straya Day!

I have some confessions.  I have been very unAustralian today.  I have...

*Worked on a public holiday

* Haven't drunk any alcohol

* Haven't eaten any red meat or vegemite

* Didn't BBQ anything today

* Only watched 5 minutes of the cricket before deciding to go for a run
(a slow one hour  run along the river).  I wish I hadn't drunk 3 cups of
tea before setting out as it was slushing around in my stomach.   But
can't complain about the gorgeous, cool conditions

Not because I don't love doing any of the above (I love it all!).  I'm just feeling too lazy and tired today.

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