Tuesday, 24 March 2015

One Perfect Day - Surfers Healing Australia

Surfers Healing Australia - Autism Awareness Australia

It took 3 burly surfers to get T2 out there - but he did it!

 Yesterday the twins had an amazing experience of going surfing at Manly.  I signed up months ago thinking we might not get a spot, but we did!  The boys had a half hour slot where the wonderful Surfers Healing took the boys out and actually got them standing up on long boards.  Amazing!  The kindness and patience of these people is incredible.  It was such a beautiful thing to be a part of.  There was the full spectrum there - young people severely effected by autism as well as those who appeared indistinguishable from their peers.  It was wonderful to see the respect and inclusiveness of the whole event.  

T1 has no fear!
T1 loved every minute.  He isn't scared of the waves.  The surfer who took him out was full of praise and I felt so proud and just happy that he was enjoying the experience.  T2 was much more apprehensive.  He loves swimming but is scared of the waves.  There were a few tears from T2 but the surfers were so kind and they carried kids past the waves.  Some of the surfers were surfing with a little kid propped up on their shoulder!  They really are amazing people.

Plus each kid who participated received an awesome trophy.  They are really well- made and inpressive trophies that the kids loved. 

The boys loved their trophies!

 Next Summer I am definitely working on T2's fear of the waves.

T2 coming in

 No running for me - I've injured my hip - again