Sunday, 30 November 2014

Ricadoes Strawberry and Tomato Farm - Port Macquarie

The boys loved strawberry picking (and eating scones and hot chocolate!) at RicardoesIt was great to see T2 sipping hot chocolate out of a glass mug and being totally relaxed and not worried about him tipping or breaking the cup or making a mess.  If you go to Port Macquarie be sure to stop off at Ricardoes.  Its a great place for adults and kids :).
Inside is a shop and cafe.  Think fresh scones and home made strawberry jam.

Cafe area
Looking for juicy red strawberries

Hint:  Melt some Lindt chocolate and then get dipping.  T1 ate 20 in one sitting (yes he counted!)   

T1 searching for a juicy strawberry    
So delicious!     

There are many things to buy - jams, chutneys, soaps......  
and bloody hot chilli sauce!!
The best way to eat strawberries!

Running in Beautiful Port Macquarie

Today we came home after a week in Port Macquarie.  I ran 6 out of the seven days we were there.  Its funny how easy it is to get up super early when its holidays.  Each morning I ran a lazy 7km and then went for a dip.  Just perfect!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Happy Birthday my boys

Sunday: 1 hour 20 minutes
Monday: Pump/CX Work Class then 40 minutes on the treadmill
3 Days Later and I'm still sore!

I was so sore after Monday's Pump/CX Works class!
Wednesday: 50 minutes shuffle (Still sore!)

Today was the twins 7th birthday.  On the weekend was their party.  They were allowed to write a list with 10 different kids on it...and since they are so different (or maybe they conspired!) we ended up with 22 kids altogether!!!  We had it at an indoor play centre during a quiet period, which worked really well for T2.  They had an amazing time - no meltdowns, just happiness.  And we were all so proud of them.  I think its the first birthday ever when there have been no tears.  It took 7 years...but it was worth the wait.  I'm also so happy that they have genuine friends.

Present opening
The last month I have been very busy at uni with exams and also had to travel down south to a hospital to do my 3 week placement.  After I spent 81/2 hours at the hospital everyday I had to study.  I ran one day but just couldn't keep it up - it was so exhausting but placement went really well.  I'm so glad to be home with my family :).  One assignment to hand in then a BIG study break for me!
View from Wollongong to Port Kembla

I love lighthouses!

 I'm hoping life will settle down a little now and I can get back to regular running and blogging.