Wednesday 31 December 2014

Happy 2015! I swam in Sydney Harbour and live to tell the tale!

So the pluses of having a kid wake you up at 6.30am (and that's a sleep in) on New Year's Day is that I was the only runner I saw on my run this morning.  Just a 20 minute jog on grass again this morning and then I rolled my foot out with a tennis ball.  Ahh bliss.  Lately I've been spending more time on recovery exercises after running than actually running :)
This feels so good - aahh

I need as much cushioning as possible at the moment.

Resolutions - 2014 fail
So this time last year I thought I'd make only one resolution and then I'd be more likely to achieve it.  Unfortunately after a ripping first 6 months when I ran my first half marathon under 2 hours (and it was full of hills) a combination of injuries and starting my new nursing job meant the wheels have completely fallen off.  I'm back all the way to where I started.

2015 Resolutions - so while I was shuffling around the park I considered what my resolution should be for 2015.  I'd like it to be to finally achieve that marathon in a time I could be proud of.  But maybe my resolution should be to not get injured and then the rest will follow.  Oh well - now I'm rambling and have decided that this year I will run a marathon.  I'm thinking a trip to Melbourne would suit me just fine :).  I was hoping to do the Cadbury Marathon one year but the logistics of getting 6 people there are too much for me!
Not a great shot - but the fireworks were great.

New Year's Eve
One of the perks of having a SIL who lives in Pyrmont is that every New Year's we descend on her apartment and then stroll down to watch the 9pm fireworks.  This year their apartment was empty and they handed over the keys.  We started out going to Pirrama Park, Pyrmont, a harbourside park which is fantastic.

Cafe next to the park

T1 having fun in the water section - a giant sandpit is in the background

T2 is gradually getting braver on climbing equipment

Set up like a pool so we thought why not go for a dip? 

This year I noticed the council had made a kind of ocean pool in front of the park.  I also noticed that not many Aussies were swimming in it.  Alot of British accents.  But we had our swimmers and we had a paddle on the steps and did actually jump off the step.  I never thought I'd swim their - I'm terrified of sharks.
We did jump off the step but stayed VERY close

Then we went back to the apartment and chilled out and had a bbq before heading down to the Harbour for the fireworks. When the fireworks  Lovely!  As soon as the fireworks started T2 decided to have a little cry.  I'm not sure why - I think the combo of tiredness and the big build up overwhelmed him (he does love watching them).  T1 was perfect.  Then it was home and into bed.

Sunday 28 December 2014

Nursing & Running don't Mix & successful outings on the Spectrum

Last week I worked 3 days in a row on my feet.  I've never had foot problems before but I believe I developed some Plantar Fasciitis from this.  I spent Christmas day with my feet on ice and rolling them on a tennis ball.  It was really, really painful, and to be honest, a little depressing.  It made me think can I be a nurse, can I improve my running and still work on my feet.  Three days of rest and today I thought I would try to run on grass for 15 minutes.  Thankfully there was no foot (or hip) pain.  I feel I'm back where I was 12 months ago.  But I'm determined to 'never, never, never give up'.

I was thankful to run on this green carpet this morning!
I'm still recovering from some of the horrifying incidents we've had in the past trying to take the twins bowling.  About 18 months ago I took my eyes off T2 for a few seconds and he started RUNNING down the lane.  I completely panicked and thought he would go through where the pins go down and ran after him and it was SO slippery I thought I'd break my neck.  Thankfully, he fell and I got him back relatively unscathed.  He has also known to throw heavy balls where they shouldn't be thrown.  12 months later we returned to that alley and the owner still remembered us. 

Today we had a fantastic time bowling.  We sat the 3 boys down to go over that it doesn't matter who wins, and packed reinforcing snacks to be unveiled at around halfway if everyone was playing properly.  It was a great time.  My take home message is don't give up (well you might want to take a break for a while, but long term - don't give up hope).  Also my eldest is now bowling the adult way  - he's growing up way too fast.

Husband assisting T2 to bowl
Paddington - the movie
Another difficult outing in the past has been going to the movies.  I've had the twins throwing apples, scripting loudly, crying, moving seats, getting under seats etc.  I am a movie person and its important that I can enjoy a movie with my family.  Its taken a long time and gradual improvements over the last couple of years, especially for T2.

I'll always remember that this was the first movie T2 watched from beginning to end - happily!
Yesterday, watching this gorgeous movie, I feel like we got our first completely successful movie outing.  At the moment T2 loves it when others do the wrong thing, so Paddington was right up his alley.  He's a bit of a cuddly teddy bear himself so Paddington was the perfect movie for him.  My tips (besides persistence) is to watch the trailers several times (Youtube) and talk about the characters before going,  take plenty of desirable snacks and give a few at a time for watching the movie (we didn't have to ration so much today).  I do have a family rule though.  No snacks until the movie starts (otherwise everyone would be full before it even starts) - Good Luck!  Although its taken so long we never take a successful outing for granted - we appreciate it so much.

Tuesday 23 December 2014

Niggling hip, Goals & The Best Godfather Ever


Its been tricky fitting my running in lately and when I do my left hip has been a little achey afterwards.  Yesterday I did fit a very slow 50 minutes in.  It doesn't feel like an injury, more like a niggle.  I've been working quite abit as my work is short staffed and after a long nursing shift my feet feel too sore to run.  I don't know how I'm going to overcome that.

The boys are on school holidays.  Since we're not going away they've been busy swimming, playing cricket, lego and video games.   Last night after I got home eldest and I went on a little Mother and son outing to the movies to see Alexander and the Horrible,Terrible, No Good Very Bad Day.  It was quite good.  Not up to Diary of A Wimpy Kid (now they are funny pre teen movies) but we had a few belly laughs together.

Today the world's most awesome Godfather came over.  My husband and I chose well.  He bought them a mini AIR HOCKEY TABLE for Christmas!!!!!! We've all had a go and even T2 LOVEs it.And also clothes (they actually all like getting pjs and cricket shirts).  We've all had a go and even T2 LOVES it.
The Boys' New Personal Air Hockey Table!!!!Awesome!

I have made a few goals for the boys to work on over the holidays.
T2's goals are
1) Learn to draw the farm animals in this book
T2 now knows how to draw sheep and pigs - the ones on the right are his

2) Work on topical conversation and eye contact using the Teach Me Language Program
Topical Convo

Topical Convo

3) Finally be able to randomly ask when,why,where,which and how questions and have an accurate response.
T1's goal is to ride a bike sans training wheels.

1) To ride his bike sans training wheels.

So far T2 has been doing really well working for 10-15minutes a day on his goals.

Saturday 13 December 2014

Quick trip to Melbourne, running, Hotel Windsor, Milo Cricket Finals & a great learn to draw book

My husband and I went to Melbourne for one night to see my son compete in a Milo national cricket competition.  I packed for summer - big mistake.  It was freezing!  While playing the proud parent and trying to navigate the very delicate world of competitive cricket parents and teachers (there should be a TV show like dancing mums but called cricket dads & teachers) we managed to cram a bit of Melbourne in.

 The Hotel Windsor
Our flight was earlier than my son's so I insisted we go to High Tea at the Hotel Windsor.  I know, I'm a high tea tragic!  It was beautiful.  On the weekends there is a dessert buffet but unfortunately our trip didn't extend that far.
The Hotel Windsor

The Christmas tree in the foyer

Where afternoon tea is served on week days (I will have to return for the weekend experience)

Serving afternoon tea every day since 1883

A good size and freshly baked
I pressed it - but unfortunately it didn't appear to work :)
The next morning I got up early to run the Tan Track - but apparently this isn't it.  That means I'm going to have to return to Melbourne as soon as possible and locate it.  I got lost so all up it was a 1 hour and 15 minute run/jog/shuffle.  I had just enough time to wish my son luck as he was supposed to go on an MCG tour.

The Yarra River

An impressive bubbler - but I couldn't get any water from it!
Then my husband and I headed to a relaxed buffet breakfast together and I dragged him through the Block arcade.

The Block Arcade

I know Sydney has Haig's now - but that didn't stop me!
Then it was off to the hallowed grounds of the Melbourne Cricket Ground where we watched the game.

The hallowed grounds of the Melbourne Cricket Ground
The twins aren't good at drawing so I was excited when I saw this learn to draw book in Big W.  I would have paid 4 times the price but it was only $5!!  There is a series of them so I thought we'd start with the I Can Draw Farm Animals. 
$5 at Big W thank you very much!

step-by-step instructions

T2's attempt - a 5 legged sheep :)

Friday 5 December 2014

Parkrun & Cricket

This morning ushered my return to Parkrun.  I was shocked by how easily every man, woman, child and child pushed in a pram breezed passed me.  I kept thinking just finish today and focus on improving in the coming weeks.  The humidity killed me and I felt like death at the 1km marker.  During the last km I thought how am I every going to run 8 times this distance plus some.  I know its going to take a new level of commitment.  Its going to mean evening running and predawn running flexibility and prioritising.  But I really want to do this.  I know I'm not ready for a January marathon.  I mean I could finish in a crap time but that wouldn't be fun.  I'm thinking about April now.

Next up was cricket.  T1 took two wickets today!!! They played a team of giants but battled valiantly.

We were away when the tribute games to Phillip Hughes were played.  Such a tragedy.  I feel so badly for his family and teammates. 

I had a to do list ready for this arvo but have canned that as I have been fighting off a headache all day.  Right now I'm lying on the lounge with my feet up.  I don't think I'm going to achieve anything now :) except watch the massive thunderstorm that's about to hit Sydney.

45 minutes & I'm not ready for this


I've been working so many early mornings that today, my day off, I woke up super early and couldn't go back to sleep so headed out for a 45 minute run.  Even though it was early it was pretty steamy.  Glad to be back training regularly though.

I'm Not Ready For…
My first born going to high school next year!  He's ready but surely I'm not old enough to have a high schooler.  He was just a baby yesterday!

After high school orientation we went to pancakes and my son reminded the waiter 'bring extra maple syrup for my mum!  This is what he brought out…
Enough Maple Syrup?

Finally, today was the twins' Christmas Carols night and they did such a good job.  The hall was extremely hot, it was late on a Friday and they behaved beautifully and sang like angels.  T2 did start crying after he got home because he lost one of his coloured paddle pop drum sticks (and it was half an hour past his bedtime).  Thankfully, I had 10 more in my craft box! The boys are actually quite musical and can sing really well and in tune.  I wonder if there's any solid evidence regarding a connection between musical ability and ASD.  Anyway, enough musings.

To end the night we watched Death Comes to Pemberley.  I wasn't sure if I'd like a Jane Austen inspired adaption of her characters.  However the acting is terrific and it was written by the late great PD James.  And who doesn't enjoy a good mystery?

Monday 1 December 2014

Running, Gone Girl and the guilts

A hot 50 minute run this morning straight after school drop off.  Then a quick dip in the pool before heading to a daytime movie with my husband
No Port Macquarie, but good enough :)

Gone Girl

Loved loved loved this movie!!  But so stressful. Everytime things got tense I ate another fun size Timeout.  I reckon a couple of academy awards are deserving - especially for Rosamund Pike.


You know that feeling when you are avoiding something you should have done long ago?  Unfortunately T2's ABA folder needed updating desperately.  Today I finally started the sorting out.  Its been too long and I'm angry that I let something so important to T2's therapy slide.  But here's to turning over a new leaf! :)
 While T2 was having a therapy session this arvo T1 and I cracked open a box of lego that the boys received for their birthday.  T1 did a magnificent job and after building it started driving it round with his brother.  Typical behaviour - I love it!.  But what was even more incredible was that this evening while at a end of year concert for my eldest T2 asked my husband to do lego.  This is not something I thought T2 would be capable of.
T1's lego truck