Sunday 28 December 2014

Nursing & Running don't Mix & successful outings on the Spectrum

Last week I worked 3 days in a row on my feet.  I've never had foot problems before but I believe I developed some Plantar Fasciitis from this.  I spent Christmas day with my feet on ice and rolling them on a tennis ball.  It was really, really painful, and to be honest, a little depressing.  It made me think can I be a nurse, can I improve my running and still work on my feet.  Three days of rest and today I thought I would try to run on grass for 15 minutes.  Thankfully there was no foot (or hip) pain.  I feel I'm back where I was 12 months ago.  But I'm determined to 'never, never, never give up'.

I was thankful to run on this green carpet this morning!
I'm still recovering from some of the horrifying incidents we've had in the past trying to take the twins bowling.  About 18 months ago I took my eyes off T2 for a few seconds and he started RUNNING down the lane.  I completely panicked and thought he would go through where the pins go down and ran after him and it was SO slippery I thought I'd break my neck.  Thankfully, he fell and I got him back relatively unscathed.  He has also known to throw heavy balls where they shouldn't be thrown.  12 months later we returned to that alley and the owner still remembered us. 

Today we had a fantastic time bowling.  We sat the 3 boys down to go over that it doesn't matter who wins, and packed reinforcing snacks to be unveiled at around halfway if everyone was playing properly.  It was a great time.  My take home message is don't give up (well you might want to take a break for a while, but long term - don't give up hope).  Also my eldest is now bowling the adult way  - he's growing up way too fast.

Husband assisting T2 to bowl
Paddington - the movie
Another difficult outing in the past has been going to the movies.  I've had the twins throwing apples, scripting loudly, crying, moving seats, getting under seats etc.  I am a movie person and its important that I can enjoy a movie with my family.  Its taken a long time and gradual improvements over the last couple of years, especially for T2.

I'll always remember that this was the first movie T2 watched from beginning to end - happily!
Yesterday, watching this gorgeous movie, I feel like we got our first completely successful movie outing.  At the moment T2 loves it when others do the wrong thing, so Paddington was right up his alley.  He's a bit of a cuddly teddy bear himself so Paddington was the perfect movie for him.  My tips (besides persistence) is to watch the trailers several times (Youtube) and talk about the characters before going,  take plenty of desirable snacks and give a few at a time for watching the movie (we didn't have to ration so much today).  I do have a family rule though.  No snacks until the movie starts (otherwise everyone would be full before it even starts) - Good Luck!  Although its taken so long we never take a successful outing for granted - we appreciate it so much.

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  1. Congratulations on Paddington! :)

    I don't have PF (my foot problems are about the arch and big toe, thanks peroneal longus!), but I've taken to almost constantly rolling each foot on a spiky ball almost anytime I sit down. This is mainly at my desk, but if I was on my feet all day I'd probably be doing it at the dinner table too! It's really helped with the dull pain I was getting, so just keep at it!