Wednesday 31 December 2014

Happy 2015! I swam in Sydney Harbour and live to tell the tale!

So the pluses of having a kid wake you up at 6.30am (and that's a sleep in) on New Year's Day is that I was the only runner I saw on my run this morning.  Just a 20 minute jog on grass again this morning and then I rolled my foot out with a tennis ball.  Ahh bliss.  Lately I've been spending more time on recovery exercises after running than actually running :)
This feels so good - aahh

I need as much cushioning as possible at the moment.

Resolutions - 2014 fail
So this time last year I thought I'd make only one resolution and then I'd be more likely to achieve it.  Unfortunately after a ripping first 6 months when I ran my first half marathon under 2 hours (and it was full of hills) a combination of injuries and starting my new nursing job meant the wheels have completely fallen off.  I'm back all the way to where I started.

2015 Resolutions - so while I was shuffling around the park I considered what my resolution should be for 2015.  I'd like it to be to finally achieve that marathon in a time I could be proud of.  But maybe my resolution should be to not get injured and then the rest will follow.  Oh well - now I'm rambling and have decided that this year I will run a marathon.  I'm thinking a trip to Melbourne would suit me just fine :).  I was hoping to do the Cadbury Marathon one year but the logistics of getting 6 people there are too much for me!
Not a great shot - but the fireworks were great.

New Year's Eve
One of the perks of having a SIL who lives in Pyrmont is that every New Year's we descend on her apartment and then stroll down to watch the 9pm fireworks.  This year their apartment was empty and they handed over the keys.  We started out going to Pirrama Park, Pyrmont, a harbourside park which is fantastic.

Cafe next to the park

T1 having fun in the water section - a giant sandpit is in the background

T2 is gradually getting braver on climbing equipment

Set up like a pool so we thought why not go for a dip? 

This year I noticed the council had made a kind of ocean pool in front of the park.  I also noticed that not many Aussies were swimming in it.  Alot of British accents.  But we had our swimmers and we had a paddle on the steps and did actually jump off the step.  I never thought I'd swim their - I'm terrified of sharks.
We did jump off the step but stayed VERY close

Then we went back to the apartment and chilled out and had a bbq before heading down to the Harbour for the fireworks. When the fireworks  Lovely!  As soon as the fireworks started T2 decided to have a little cry.  I'm not sure why - I think the combo of tiredness and the big build up overwhelmed him (he does love watching them).  T1 was perfect.  Then it was home and into bed.

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