Saturday, 3 January 2015

Bound for Botany Bay


I can't resist a mini break and purchased a voucher for Brighton Beach Novotel.  My eldest, MIL and I headed there Friday afternoon.  I woke up really early yesterday and decided to run a slow hour along Botany Bay.  It was very pleasant watching the planes come in and looking at the heads and imagining Captain Cook sailing through them all those years ago.   Thankfully my legs, feet and hip feel good today so hopefully I can really get back into running.  I forgot to put my swimmers on so went for a swim in my running gear  - why not!

Ha!ha! One way traffic on the walking track

One and half hours later and there wasn't a cloud in the sky!

After that a buffet breakfast awaited, the clouds disappeared and it got pretty hot.  Time to hit the pool and beach.  We had a great morning swimming, reading and relaxing.  We had a late check out of 1pm.  Its amazing how one night away can really recharge the batteries.  Then it was back home.  It was great to spend some time with my eldest.
Kid-friendly pool area
I have one more voucher left for Novotel Brighton and I'm going to bring the twins - what could go wrong?!! Well - off the top of my head - you can't lock the balcony door  - one flick and T2 is out on the balcony or out the hotel door.  Dining in a restaurant has its own dangers - But you know what I think he's ready.  T1 will be absolutely fine - I pretty much think of him as recovered.  Phew - $300, 000 was worth it ;).

Tea, chocolate, a good view and company and a book - perfect!

Ok it wouldn't be my blog without some food pics - oh how I love to eat!.....

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