Thursday, 26 November 2015

Ready for new Beginnings

Running Update

Well my toe is finally better and touch wood I can get back to running injury-free.  I'l be taking it very gradually and mixing in quite a few Gym sessions.  Fingers crossed!

Life Update

The last 6 weeks (or more!) having been very intense.  I had university exams for my nursing degree a month ago, I drove straight from my last exam down the South coast to do my one month acute hospital placement.  Thank goodness my husband took long service leave and the family were able to visit as much as possible.  Placement and my exams were really successful and I have just had two interviews at some local hospitals for a nursing assistant job and I've been offered one new job in a prestigious hospital starting February (hopefully leading to an RN job one day)!  I'm very excited but right now very exhausted....

On a 40C day I was very happy to spend the day reading and swimming - first day off in a LONG time.


When the boys got home from school they were straight in the pool.  It was so great to see them playing together.  Once upon a time I dreamed of the twins playing "typically" with my eldest and its only very recently that T2 would join in  - they were playing pool American football :)

Now that I have a moment to breathe I am going to develop a couple of goals for the boys to work on, especially T2. My passion for ABA is still strong - I love the science of behaviour.  I love seeing the boys learn and achieve things I didn't think possible.  I'll keep you updated.

NFL in the pool

In typical Aussie fashion no matter how hot is is cricket training was still on.  Thankfully a cool change kicked in late this afternoon.  Hopefully next year T2 will be ready to play cricket too.

T1's cricket training

Do your kids with ASD play team sports?  
I've heard more than once that kids with autism can't play team sports = myth!! My boys play soccer in Winter and in Summer T2 plays cricket and hopefully T1 will join him.

What are your current goals for your kids with autism?  
I'm thinking about this today