Sunday, 18 January 2015

Oakvale Farm & Water World, Salt Ash; consistency

I'm still trying to get some consistency in my running.  I did a slow one hour run yesterday afternoon and then a 20 minute jog in the beautiful cooler weather today. No speed, but that's ok - for now.

We went to visit my dad, who lives quite close to Salt Ash, near Nelson Bay.  We went to the temporary Waterworld set up there on Friday and then to Oakvale Farm on Saturday.  We all had a fantastic time, despite the extreme heat (great for Waterworld).
So much fun for the kids!

Water World - Salt Ash
Ok if you plan to go here, a few tips.  Bring a pen!  We had to line up and fill out a waiver form and there was a line up for the 3 pens provided.  Those who could fill out their form went straight to the front of the line.  Also, you aren't supposed to bring in outside food but we usually do bring a small snack as all my kids have serious allergies.

Plenty of areas for smaller kids (ignore my finger :))

Once T2 got the hang of the steering he absolutely loved the boat area

There are plenty of slides
The boys all had a blast.  We have our own pool so they are all confident in the water.  Adults aren't allowed on the slides but are allowed to wade in the pools at the bottom of the slides.  I would have melted if I didn't get in the water.  Also most people (including myself) had purchased a voucher (can't remember if it was Groupon, Scoopon, whatever...)
The biggest slide for the very brave

I was so proud of T2.  He was great, even during the long line up to get the elusive pen.  After an hour and a quarter he had had enough so he played with my phone while my other two continued on.

Oakvale Farm - Salt Ash

This place if fantastic!  We went a few years ago when the twins were quite out of control and hadn't started ABA therapy.  Thankfully, this time they were fantastic, despite the searing heat.  It costs $20 for adults and $12 for kids.  Many animals are roaming around and you can buy bags of feed and hand feed lambs, goats, chickens, kangaroos etc.
I love how the kids can interact with the animals

There are many kangaroos hopping about

The barn yard area

The boys got to milk a cow, go on a tractor ride (T2 insisted on another go on the tractor).  There was plenty of opportunity to pat many of the animals.
Tractor - and ducks

The tractor ride goes all around the farm

A new, huge koala enclosure opened last year and there is a BBQ area, and even a fantastic playground.  It's a great day and I highly recommend it for adults and kids.
This new koala enclosure opened last year

And there is even a playground (with aeroplane!) for the kids to play in

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