Saturday, 31 January 2015

I foam rolled and I liked it!; The Century

Running/ Cross Training
Friday I thought I'd do some cross training at the gym...take it easy....wrong.  I got my butt kicked.  I'm still sore 2 days later.  First up I got on the elliptical trainer for 15 minutes of hell, then the stationary bike.
My old enemy the Cybex

Then I saw two foam rollers propped in the corner.  I've never seen them at the gym before so I tentatively tried to roll out my legs.  I didn't know what I was doing really.  A couple of times the roller rolled away and I'd scramble after it on all fours.  A nice look in public!  I liked it though and I think I'll get one for home when my personal masseuse (aka my husband) is unavailable.
My first foam roller experience

Then it was time for my Bodypump class which was very tough and then I realised it was a double class and if we wanted to stay we had to get resistance bands.  So then it was another half an hour of hell - resistance bands and abdominals.  I was wrecked afterwards.  So much for an easy day of cross training!
More Torture

Saturday my mind was willing but I was too sore - day off

This morning was a 'hard' 5 km run which involved at least 2 hills.  One felt like Mount Everest and the sun was belting down.  After I finished I looked like a tomato and collapsed into my pool.  The most disheartening thing was it took me 29 minutes!:(

Well it was back to cricket for T1 and my eldest.  Both were happy with their performance.  Its when I see T1 play sport I realise two things - firstly how far he has come and secondly, how important sport is in making friends.  His ability in sport has helped him make many friends.  Maybe its just Australia - where males (and some females) seem to live for sport.  I wish T2 could get to the same level.

The Century - Pyrmont
Friday night I went to my favourite Chinese restaurant with two of my favourite people.  My mother-in-law and 'sister' (its a long story, I'll save it for another time).  I got kind of bossy and demanded we have Peking Duck and Steamed Barramundi.
Duck Pancakes

San Choi Bow

Steamed Barramundi - they bring it to you flapping in a bag before cooking!

Yum, yum, yum

We also got 4 green vegetable stir fry and some fruit and biscuits for dessert.  Washed down with litres of Chinese tea and some Sav Blanc we had a great night.

San Churro Glebe
Then it was off to trendy Glebe to eat some Spanish donuts at San Churro.  We had hot chocolate with ice cream in it.  To be honest, it was just too rich for me.  The churros were quite good, but I think it was just because I was dipping them in melted chocolate.  I've decided I like my donuts round (and hot, and dipped in cinnamon sugar)
Chocolate overload

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  1. Sorry - I laughed, and I wasn't even there to watch you scramble after the roller! Next time use the roller to initially find a tender spot and then hone in on it.