Friday 5 December 2014

45 minutes & I'm not ready for this


I've been working so many early mornings that today, my day off, I woke up super early and couldn't go back to sleep so headed out for a 45 minute run.  Even though it was early it was pretty steamy.  Glad to be back training regularly though.

I'm Not Ready For…
My first born going to high school next year!  He's ready but surely I'm not old enough to have a high schooler.  He was just a baby yesterday!

After high school orientation we went to pancakes and my son reminded the waiter 'bring extra maple syrup for my mum!  This is what he brought out…
Enough Maple Syrup?

Finally, today was the twins' Christmas Carols night and they did such a good job.  The hall was extremely hot, it was late on a Friday and they behaved beautifully and sang like angels.  T2 did start crying after he got home because he lost one of his coloured paddle pop drum sticks (and it was half an hour past his bedtime).  Thankfully, I had 10 more in my craft box! The boys are actually quite musical and can sing really well and in tune.  I wonder if there's any solid evidence regarding a connection between musical ability and ASD.  Anyway, enough musings.

To end the night we watched Death Comes to Pemberley.  I wasn't sure if I'd like a Jane Austen inspired adaption of her characters.  However the acting is terrific and it was written by the late great PD James.  And who doesn't enjoy a good mystery?

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