Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Niggling hip, Goals & The Best Godfather Ever


Its been tricky fitting my running in lately and when I do my left hip has been a little achey afterwards.  Yesterday I did fit a very slow 50 minutes in.  It doesn't feel like an injury, more like a niggle.  I've been working quite abit as my work is short staffed and after a long nursing shift my feet feel too sore to run.  I don't know how I'm going to overcome that.

The boys are on school holidays.  Since we're not going away they've been busy swimming, playing cricket, lego and video games.   Last night after I got home eldest and I went on a little Mother and son outing to the movies to see Alexander and the Horrible,Terrible, No Good Very Bad Day.  It was quite good.  Not up to Diary of A Wimpy Kid (now they are funny pre teen movies) but we had a few belly laughs together.

Today the world's most awesome Godfather came over.  My husband and I chose well.  He bought them a mini AIR HOCKEY TABLE for Christmas!!!!!! We've all had a go and even T2 LOVEs it.And also clothes (they actually all like getting pjs and cricket shirts).  We've all had a go and even T2 LOVES it.
The Boys' New Personal Air Hockey Table!!!!Awesome!

I have made a few goals for the boys to work on over the holidays.
T2's goals are
1) Learn to draw the farm animals in this book
T2 now knows how to draw sheep and pigs - the ones on the right are his

2) Work on topical conversation and eye contact using the Teach Me Language Program
Topical Convo

Topical Convo

3) Finally be able to randomly ask when,why,where,which and how questions and have an accurate response.
T1's goal is to ride a bike sans training wheels.

1) To ride his bike sans training wheels.

So far T2 has been doing really well working for 10-15minutes a day on his goals.

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