Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A Pump Class & Saying Goodbye

Cross Training

I've decided I can't run every day otherwise I'm going to keep getting injured.  So yesterday I went to the gym and did the new release pump class.   As you can imagine I'm quite stiff today but thankfully my hip seems completely healed (at last!).

My new best friends are my theraband and my foam roller.  I wish my physio could see how well-behaved I'm being :)

Saying Goodbye

Two of the twins' therapists are both returning to their home countries this week.  It will be a huge loss for Australia as good ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) therapists and especially BCBAs (Board Certified Behaviour Analysts) are in very short supply here.  One of the reasons I think the twins did so well is they had fantastic, experienced and qualified therapists.  And today it is paying off :).  We will miss them.

They came over for afternoon tea to say goodbye and my mother-in-law cooked up a storm….quiches, chicken sandwiches, scones and caramel slices - yummo.

She set the table with her great Aunt's hand embroidered table cloth and special tea cups and saucers.  It was a wonderful afternoon.

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