Sunday, 13 July 2014

12 km; another day, another high tea; starting a new job


I missed blogging my last run - 6km (sorry for being a lazy blogger!).  This morning I kicked myself out of bed before the sun rose and set off for a 12 km run.  The City to Surf is 4 weeks away and I need to get back in the running groove.  There was the most ginormous full moon in the sky.  Sometimes I wish I ran with my phone, but you'll just have to take my word for it - it was beautiful- and worth getting up for.


This afternoon I had afternoon tea with a very dear friend who also has a child on the spectrum.  We went to The Gardener's Lodge, which was wonderful as usual - I think its my fourth visit.  I love the food, the heritage building and the walk through Victoria Park and through Sydney University's Grand Hall.  It did get a little chilly so when the sun disappeared we went inside.  It was so good to chat with someone who 'get's it'.  To share those worries about our kids' future as well as sharing the triumphs of their hard earned success. You know those old friends you can just be yourself with, know you'll be completely accepted and just enjoy each others' company?  It was a belated birthday catch-up and I joked how we will hopefully having tea together in another 20 years.  She's a gem and I'm so thankful for our friendship.  I just wish we could catch up more often.
delicious - as usual

The school hols are almost over and my kids have been passing a virus around for the last couple of weeks.  Consequently we've been doing very little and spending lots of time at home.  Its been nice to recharge but I'm kind of worried about my 3 boys - their immune systems seem to have crashed and they're having a tough time getting well for more than a couple of days in a row.  I think we need a beach holiday in a couple of months- lots of fresh air and salt water.  Now that I'll be working we may just get there.

I start work on Tuesday.  It will be the first time I've done paid work in about 6 years.  I have been doing ABA therapy and studying though, so I feel like I've been working very hard indeed for the last couple of years.  Anyway I'm slightly terrified- but very glad I've gotten work in the current job market.     One more week until uni starts again and then it will be full-on for the next 12 weeks.

I need to be more focussed about the twins' therapy.  This week, amidst what will be a busy week, I hope to make a list of goals for both of them, talk them over with their BCBA and review T2's school data from last semester.  I will update you when they're done.  So much to do…so little time!

Where is you're favourite High Tea/cafe?

Will you be doing the City to Surf in 4 weeks time?

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