Tuesday, 1 July 2014

10km, Thairrific and my marriage is a teenager!


So my alarm went off and thankfully I didn't ignore it (becoming all to frequent).  I set of for a slow 10km and it was a beautiful morning, running as the sun rose.  I got to my usual track, which is a popular running and cycling track and there was a MASSIVE tree over the track which had blown over.  If someone was under there when it fell they would definitely be killed or seriously injured.  Thankfully, I don't believe anyone copped it.  I wish I had my phone so I could take a photo- it was quite impressive


13 years - we've been so through so much together (death of family members, having son no1, having twins with autism, moving, career changing) but I still love him more now than 13 years ago (and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual).  I've had my share of crap in life but I scored an amazing husband who just happens to be a fantastic dad. He's a kid magnet, and pretty much a grown up kid himself! Here's to another 13 years (hopefully a less drama-filled 13 years, if you please!).  We went out to a local Thai restaurant - Thairiffic Concord (had a Groupon!) and followed it up with hot chocolates at Oliver Brown.   I feel so young and hip (or is that old and out of place?) when I go there at night.

Satay sauce - whenever I can!  (my kids have allergies and I CRAVE peanut sauce)

Garlic and pepper fish

Red Curry

Sago Pudding - I managed 2 spoonfuls before I suggested Oliver Brown!

Its a pretty funky Thairiffic Concord

A mild & dark hot choc - make mine extra hot - please!

Today I was informed I got my last choice for my clinical teaching block.  Alice Springs - I freaked out and maybe sent an angry missive to the uni. It didn't help that when I looked up the airfares, only Qantas flies there and it costs close to 1000 big ones just to get there and back.  Secondly, on the uni info it was strongly advised not to walk after dark -aahh! Thirdly, I checked out the uni accommodation, which is communal and I want to know how many locks I'm going to have on my door.  Oh well - I'm going to keep hunting for a good airfare and make the best of it!


T1 and T2 are on school hols.  Unlike last holidays I feel like hibernating in my house and not going out for the whole two weeks.   T2's therapists are full of positive feedback at the moment. His in a good place!

Unfortunately, there's a virus going around my boys over the last 10 days.   First eldest , then T1 (who slept for 15 hours last night!!) and now T2.  I'm so glad I didn't plan a trip anywhere this holidays.n I'm pumping multi vitamins and pushing the betadine gargle right now.  Oh hum! 

Do you have a tip to get over a virus quickly?

For a sore throat Betadine gargle - but keep at it every few hours until that sore throat is gone.  Trust me - it works!

Any tips on finding cheap airfares to Alice? Please!


  1. The Alice Springs placement sounds very disappointing, but at least you'd be a little closer to Darwin parkrun... even if you only head up once as a treat!

  2. Hi Cecilla - thanks for dropping by! Unfortunately Alice Springs is 1500 km from Darwin. I would much rather go to Darwin. But I'm starting to try and see the positives in going to Alice - trying.