Saturday 21 February 2015

Magenta Shores, The Entrance; Beach Running & The Lolly Barn


While we were on our mini-holiday to Magenta Shores I ran along the beach each morning.  The first morning was tough as the sun was out and running on sand is just hard.  The next morning was cloudy and the sand was much harder from overnight rain.  I did about 8 km each morning but it felt like much more.

After my morning run my husband would meet me at the lagoon pool for a pre-breakfast swim.  We had the pool to ourselves one morning and I found a skimmer ball in the filter box.  We were like a couple of kids skimming it down the long pool.   I love how we're still best friends and true loves after more than 15 years together :)

We ate in Barrett's restaurant each day, swam and read.  I even got drawn into watching the cricket, as the NZ vs England match was so exciting. 

The view from our balcony - people really zip about in the golf buggies

No holiday is complete without chocolate and a good book

The hotel gym was good.  I only used the weights as I ran along the beach each morning.

Barramundi and Risotto
Can't remember the name but this chocolate tart was delicious

One of many breakfast courses - fruit, yoghurt, nuts and pancakes :)

After a couple of days it was time to head home.  We never go home from a kid-free break empty handed.  We stopped in at the Lolly Barn and I was keen to get some American treats for the boys (Hershey's has no peanuts!!).  My MIL's weakness are Turkish Delight and gummy bears.

Just as well The Lolly Barn is a 90 minute drive from me :)
When I saw the range I got pretty excited.  

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