Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A pump class, 5km on the tready and job hunting


As anyone who lives in Sydney knows, today was blowing an absolute gale.  So I made use of my 15 day gym membership to exercise indoors.  First up I did a pump class.  Since my injury I've realised I may have been relatively aerobically fit but have now realised I am extremely weak - especially my upper body.  There were women in their 60s lifting more weight than me!  Embarrassing!  I am definitely going to keep up the pump classes if I can.  Then I ran 5km on the treadmill.  After about 15 minutes I accidentally bumped a button and my treadmill went onto some virtual trainer and kept abruptly slowing down every few minutes- very annoying- but I eventually made it and felt really good afterwards.
Great to escape the wind chill factor

Last time I was a gym member there were no iPhones, now there's little plugins for them

I bumped a button - and found myself on a track!

I know you love stats right? - slow, I know.

Afterwards I celebrated with a hot chocolate (skim, extra hot, marshmallows in, if you please) while reading my Kindle - bliss.
My reward!

Then back home to get my final Certificate 3 paper signed to send to TAFE.  Then is was time to start filling out job applications.

At the moment I don't want to ring up the boys Program Supervisor as there isn't a lot to pay her with.  Man, I feel for all those kids whose parents had no chance of funding Early Intervention.

Thankfully those couple of years where we were able to fund it have paid off and at the moment things are going really well at school.  I helped out with reading groups on Monday and the kids were supposed to find a partner.  My heart beat sped up as I looked on.  The next minute a gorgeous little boy was telling T2 'come on let's go!'.  Over the weekend the boys have been to two parties and they behaved so beautifully.  I am so proud of them.  Unfortunately T2 had an allergic reaction just at the end of one of the parties and through up in their backyard (aaahhh!).  I got him home and his eyes swelled up.  That poor boy can't get a break - autism, asthma, anaphylaxis and eczema!
The weather was much crappier than it appears - my hands were like blocks of ice

This arvo was soccer training for the boys - we felt like skipping it as it was freezing and windy, but I'd already offered up my husband as today's coach (I'm good at volunteering him!).  I can't believe how far T2 has come.  He is running and kicking the ball more every week.  Who knows how much progress he can make in the next couple of years

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