Thursday, 5 June 2014

5 minute run! Cafe Sienna & so proud of my boy


Yesterday I really felt like running but was scared my leg wasn't ready.  So I walked for 5 minutes, then did 5 minutes of jogging at a slow pace with very short strides, then I forced myself to stop jogging and walk for another 5 minutes.  That was it!  I can't believe I ran a half-marathon only 3 weeks ago.  Oh well, such is life.  The good news is that my leg was absolutely fine and actually feels better today.

Cafe Sienna - 61 Annandale St, Annandale 2038

When a voucher pops up for high tea for $29 for two people I just can't refuse.  It was my husband's day off and so we dropped the kids at school and headed to Annandale.  I'd never been there before but I just love the gorgeous tree lined streets and terraces.  When we arrived at Cafe Sienna it was absolutely pouring.  Luckily it was easy to find a park and we were the only ones at the cafe for a little while.  That didn't last and by the time we left it was pretty full.  Obviously, the locals love this cafe and I can see why.  The high tea was great and the service was warm and friendly.   We were given a corn fritter topped with crispy bacon and relish and that would have to be the highlight (closely followed by the red velvet cupcake!).
This tasted SO good

My favourite was the red velvet cupcake

I love cucumber sandwiches but not with cheese

Fantastic value

A big tick

Made in England (yes I checked the bottom :-)

The scones were a little big and bread- like

What I loved about the High Tea

  • Service was great - we were give a corner table by the window and soft cushions to ease our lumbars and they were happy to top up my put with hot water ( I tend to drink around 10 cups of tea at High Tea - no, seriously)
  • The ambience was great - the cafe is a converted corner store
  • Real tea leaves 
  • The corn fritter plus bacon and relish - to die for
  • The jam (blackcurrant) and cream (not out of a can :-)
What could be improved
  • The scones - when I see overly large scones I start to worry that they might taste like bread rolls and these did a little.  A change of recipe and a smaller size would be better.
  • I got excited when I saw cucumber sandwiches - but when I tasted them they also had cheese on them.  This is a personal thing though.  Cucumber sandwiches are perfect as they are :-)
Overall - this is a great little cafe and I'm keen to return for brunch.

So Proud of T2

Apparently T2 offered to read at the Kindergarten Mass.   This church is - big- and school masses involve the whole school plus parents and teachers.  As T2 headed up the stairs to the lectern my heart began to pound.  I saw a lit candle to the side (what if he tries to grab it- I envisioned the church going up in flames).  He spoke into the microphone and read the prayer beautifully.  His voice is quite low compared to the other kindys and he was so cute.  What I was just as happy about was that both the twins waved and smiled at me when they spotted me - ahhh…typical behaviour.  Can't put a price on it :-)

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