Saturday, 31 May 2014

Injury Update & ABA principles for soccer

Injury Update

So today is one week since I pulled my hamstring.  I've done no running at all.  It still hurts a little and I'm going to try to not run until 11th June (day after the most godforsaken, hell-on-Earth anatomy and physiology exam ever).  I'm not a big person, but I reckon I've put on a couple of kilos and my muscles are starting to disappear.  I also find when I'm not running I eat more rubbish…and the vicious circle continues…  at least I'm sleeping more (but probably not as well).


Consists around looking after the boys and studying what is supposed to be anatomy but because my lecturer used to be a chemist he is hell-bent on giving us bio chemistry calculations.  If I'd known this I'd have perhaps got a tutor.  One quiz question I copied down and my husband (he's a teacher) is going to get the physics teacher to give me a worked answer (yes, its that difficult). I know this is all very boring but that just about sums up my life for the next 10 days

Let's talk soccer… T1 scored 3 goals today, was named player of the week (and truly was the best player on the field today).

T2 used to be the worst at colouring in and HATED it.  Now he is AMAZING and does it for fun.  I have the same plan for soccer.

T2 is getting better.  He almost accidentally scored a goal today :)  It does grate on me a little that the coach says in a loud voice to the ref there's a boy with autism on the field and he may need extra assistance etc etc.  I know its for the best and its my problem, but I still find it hard to swallow.  I've always tried to get the twins to 'blend in' as much as possible.

In the last few weeks T2 was removing his shirt during the game.  Then the parents and kids would laugh.  Then he thought that was great so would do it again.  So in desperation I told him if he kept his shirt on during the game we would have McDonald's for dinner.  It is working of course (as all powerful reinforcers do!).  The team manager pointed out that he is no longer taking his shirt off.  I innocently remark 'that's great isn't it' as if it just 'happened'.

Other kids and parents are remarking on T2's improvement on the field (running, kicking etc).  But its all down to reinforcement.  Every time he kicks the ball he gets a Pez.  But not only that, he gets a lot of praise.  And I think he's really starting to enjoy soccer now.  I love the principles of verbal behaviour.

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