Monday, 12 May 2014

Last 10km & work is killing me!


Yesterday I managed to get 10km in after placement.  My secret was to walk through the door NOT sit down (oh how I yearned to), get my gear on, tell myself I would take it easy and get out the door asap.


Having to be at placement at 6.30am 5 days a week is messing with my mind.  I have kids to look after in the arvo and assignments to finish at night and I just don't have enough energy to do it properly.   I end up getting to bed far too late and feel like a wreck!  On a positive note, I'm really settling in to the routine of it when I'm there.  I hope they will offer me part-time work but I have a terrible feeling they will only offer me 4 shifts a week - I don't know if I could juggle all that.  I don't know how I'm going to get my essay in on time - I'm thinking of asking for an extension.  What will I use as an excuse? :-)

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