Friday, 9 May 2014

Working full time is over-rated! Running is suffering!


1 week until the half-marathon and I only ran once this week- aaaahh!  There goes my goal time of 2 hours.


40 hours down, only 60 to go!  Its been such a full on week.  But I don't feel so useless now, and I'm starting to get to know the residents at the facility I'm at and am gaining some useful practical skills.  I also have my fingers crossed that I'll get part-time or casual work there when I finish.

What I miss -

1) running!!!  I start work at 6.30am and finish at 3pm.  Then I rush home to be with my family.  And this week I felt so physically and mentally exhausted that I knew I couldn't run.  Well I tried once and it was a disaster.
2) missing out on school things for my kids - watching my eldest's Fri arvo soccer match, missing helping at the Mother's Day stall, not attending the Mother's Day Mass and next week I will miss the Kindys singing at the Australia's Biggest Morning Tea.  Hopefully, someone will film it for me.  Also I missed a mum's dinner because I was just plain exhausted.  Full-time working mums - I take my hat off to you all!
3) Studying - I am SO behind and have another ugly anatomy online quiz.  This subject is plain cruelty (yet so interesting)  I really want to do nothing on mother's day but I may have to run/study for part of it - we'll see.
4) Messing around on the internet, reading blogs, coolrunning, wasting time etc…..

This blog is being neglected - apologies for lack of posts and photos.  Hopefully I'll be able to spruce it up over the weekend.  This blog has been great 'therapy' for me, along with running.

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