Monday, 26 May 2014

My first DNF & life's too short to study! Swissotel and Ottos


Maybe I should have titled this section not running.  Saturday morning I headed off to my local Parkrun, ready for a hard run.  Which was probably my problem because I must have moved suddenly and pulled my hamstring on the very first step.  At first I thought it was a spasm or cramp but after 500m I knew it was serious and pulled out.  A couple of tears were shed on the walk of shame back to my car.  But as I was driving home I thought how this could have happened at the start of the half-marathon and how relieved I am that it didn't.  Its still pretty sore.  My husband is going to give it a massage tonight and I've decided no running for 7 days.  Then I'm going to hit the pool - try my hand (or legs) at pool running or swimming if running doesn't feel good.
Just before the Parkrun - If I could turn back time….


Yesterday I had a final essay due.  I'm so relieved I handed that in (with one hour to spare!).  Then tonight I had a science mini quiz - its supposed to be on anatomy and physiology but I think my lecturer is a frustrated physicist  and I think he may be a sadist :-).  The calculations were so difficult.
But I haven't let my injury or studies interfere with having a good time.

Yesterday eldest, MIL and I headed to the Swissotel high tea buffet.  Eldest and I got excited about the chocolate fountain.  The service is always wonderful and they even remembered us from our last visit.  We drank peach cocktails (OJ for eldest), and devoured savouries and sweets until we were bursting.  I must say a simple cucumber sandwich was so delicious.  Other highlights were the cheesecake.  I must say that the scones weren't up to par this visit (I'm not sure what happened) and my tea tasted suspiciously of Earl Grey rather than the ordered English Breakfast.  But not to worry.  We were given a lovely window seat and there were plenty of delicacies to indulge in.
Yes please

My MIL loved this 

My savouries  - cucumber sandwich and egg wrap were the best

The cheesecake was delis and melted chocolate - what could be better?

View of the State theatre from our table

The tree next to St James station - if only trees could talk!

Today I had lunch at Otto's Woollomoolloo.  Yes - the Ottos.  I was chosen to be on the lovely Retromummy's table and had the most wonderful afternoon.  It was part of the Olympus OMD EM-10 launch.  Have I mentioned I have no idea how to use these cameras?  I had to ask how to turn it on, but after a little while I got the hang of it (well kind of).
Lucky me!

I love how this camera looks - so retro!

I was seated near some Olympus employees who were great at telling me about the camera in plain English.  I love how it looks like a 1970s camera.  Its a really good camera and if I was going to buy a camera I know I'd buy this (you do know no-one pays me to say this - I wish they did!)  One of them had done the half-marathon last week so we had lots to talk about.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and the food. drink and service was excellent.  Lucky me - it was completely free of charge!  Back to Earth and suburbia now - it was fun while it lasted :-)
Can you tell I'm trying to be arty taking this?

Barramundi was beautiful

I've forgotten what this was but sure tasted good

Such a beautiful day

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  1. Lovely too meet you today, and yes I. Still plotting for my camera wish you come true