Monday, 5 May 2014

speed session; day 1 of work placement;


I was up with birds (or the annoying rooster that someone in the street thinks its appropriate to keep).  It was fantastic running just before sunrise, except for thinking I may roll my ankle at any moment.  1km at race pace with 200 metres walking recovery X3.

Clinicals - Day 1 - 8/100 hours complete
I am so tired I hardly feel like blogging my day.  It was day one of my placement and after not working for 6 and 1/2 years, it took its toll.  I'm ready for bed.  I didn't have to do to much today.  This morning I started by learning the fire drill, watching dvds on infection control, elder abuse and manual handling, having a hand washing assessment and then shadowing another worker for the afternoon.   Tomorrow I have to start at 6.30 in the bloody morning!  When am I going to run?????   Waaah!  I got home with enough time to drop my bags and head to the boys school for an hour long meeting.

On a happy note I got 9/10 for an anatomy quiz on blood vessels.  It was a uni test and I got the highest score that anyone revealed on the course Facebook site.  Many posters revealed a failure mark and I was very stressed before hand.  Phew!  A confidence boost that I needed.

So tired right now - bath- bed (and maybe a little/lot of chocolate please!)

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