Thursday, 22 May 2014

Stiff as a board; New shoes; The Power of Pez and Life


This morning I was up for a very early 10km.  I knew it would be slow but it felt (and was!) ridiculously slow.  My legs are feeling a little better since this morning's run and some stretching so I hope to be back into regular running by Saturday.

I also used this morning's run to break in my beautiful Fuscia Brooks Transcend.  I've been running in Gel Kayanos for many years.  About 7 years ago I thought I'd try Nikes.  I lost the toenail off my big toe and vowed never to be unfaithful again.  But the beauty of the Fuscia Brooks overpowered me.  For the first couple of kms I doubted my decision, but by the time I turned for home I was in love :-)!

Today was my husband's day off, but it also clashed with eldest cross country zone carnival.  So we decided to check out the newest Italian eatery on the block - Mercato and Gucina.  I'd been craving chocolate croissants (I know - they're French) for some time now so I ordered that and a pot of tea (real tea leaves - tick!) while my husband had a lemon tart which I could tell he really enjoyed.

This place is huge - has a restaurant, deli, bakery, pizzeria and plenty of seating


I think I'll aim to try each one this year

Chocolate croissant

Lemon Meringue

Extra points for the marshmallow and heart

….and tea leaves

Then it was off to watch eldest run his cross country, where he performed valiantly and ran really well.  Unfortunately, although when eldest was born he was 7 days overdue he just missed out on being a New Year baby.  I was wondering why my sports mad husband and brother-in-law starting showing an interest in the due date as each day passed.  Apparently being born at the end of the year means you are competing with kids much older.  If he'd held off a few more days he would be down an age category - so think about that when you're thinking about conceiving your future sports stars! :-)

the power of Pez

T2 isn't that into soccer, but things are changing.  People have said to me maybe he'd be more into this or that.  Well frankly,  unless he's taught, he isn't into anything (except lying on the lounge, eating and watching Thomas on TV).  But he loves Pez at the moment so I discreetly put 2 packets into my pocket and followed a continuous positive reinforcement schedule. Every kick of the ball in training= a Pez, immediately delivered.  It worked like a dream.  He was amazing!  I'm going to keep it up and gradually fade and hopefully he will get more into it.  I'll keep you posted.

Placement is over (for now) and they've offered me casual work (yeah!).  After my exams I'll be working.

I just handed my draft essay in.  Getting 100% in the first assignment was awesome but I'm feeling like the only way is down (hopefully not too far down).  I hope she doesn't return it with lots of changes to make.  This essay has felt interminably long in the making and is making life miserable.

I think I need a holiday - away - so tired!

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