Saturday, 17 May 2014

Race Recap - SMH half marathon

So today was the big day that I've been training for (though I still have that full marathon in my sights).  It was a beautiful morning for it and I had my two favourite people as my support crew, eldest and my husband.  My beautiful MIL was holding the home fort, looking after the twins and all three are also my favourite people :-).

Dinner the night before - I had pasta and bruschetta for lunch
I had signed up for the yellow group which was the slower runners, which I thought was reasonable as I don't think people wake up and decide they're going to run a half.  But I think I underestimated myself and after the starting gun was fired I spent a good 3 km overtaking people.  I felt so excited and felt really strong for the first 5kms or so.  Then the hills started to kick in around Pyrmont - and they just kept coming. Not terribly steep like heartbreak hill, but just so many of them.   My little support crew had promised to meet at 5km, 12km and 17km and helped so much. At the 12km mark as eldest ran a little beside me I started blabbering to my eldest how I loved him and he was the best son ever.  That was after I had barked at my husband to do up my shoe lace and thrown the Gu on the ground.  Maybe I'm a running diva!… I do get a little emotional on a tough run.
I love this photo…... did I have my tag out for 21.1km??

Beginning of the race

Hubby is quite the photographer!

Just before the yellow group starts - scenic port a loos in the background

At about 16km, when I was running along the Cahill Expressway my knee started to feel 'funny' so I slowed down a little and it improved abit.  Then one km later I felt it give and started to panic I pulled up to a shuffle for about 100m and it seemed to feel ok.  From that point I made sure I spent a little bit of time walking at the next drink station.  That seemed to do the trick and  although the last km was hellish I'm very proud that I ran the whole way and only stopped to walk when getting a drink.  I had this secret goal of running under 2 hours if at all possible.  My strategy was to go hard while I was feeling good and hold on for as long as possible.  This strategy paid off and despite all the hills my official time was 1 hour & 53 minutes.  I am so happy with that!!!
It was all worth it :-)

When I finished the race I looked around for my eldest and husband but couldn't see them, so I helped myself to a banana and fluids and then I saw my husband.  The first thing he said was 'I can't find eldest.  I've lost him'.  I took some deep breaths and tried to stay calm and my husband and I split up to look for him.  After about 10 minutes of not finding him I staggered back to the fountain, ready to burst into tears, when there they both were - phew!  I could have done without that.

And guess what happens around here after a half-marathon? I was chauffeured home, soaked in a hot bath, was given green tea and freshly baked cookies, then a half hour leg massage and am now lying in bed while my MIL serves me lunch in bed.  I just told her I might do a half marathon every weekend!  She replied she might join me :-)

I know you want the stats - so here they are!
How good is a Garmin - I LOVE it!

My legs are SO, SO sore.  I can hardly walk - seriously.  Doing placement on my feet all day tomorrow will be - interesting.

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