Friday 13 June 2014

Injury and Life Update


So I went out for a test jog on Wednesday morning.  It felt so good to be out running (shuffling actually). But unfortunately in the afternoon my leg ached and has been aching on and off.  I think it needs at least another couple of weeks off.  Meanwhile, I'm packing on the weight and being cranky.  One of my local gyms was offering a 2 week trial so I decided I had to do something.  So today I went to my first pump class in a decade.  The instructor said 'don't worry nothing much has changed'  …'except the music' I replied (and I also should have added 'and my body' :-).  It was so much fun.  I just did squats instead of lunges and was ultra aware of my hammy as I don't want to set myself back.  It was fun and I'm keen for the next class.
Seems like a distant memory - but a fantastic one!

I only bought this after the race when there was a 50% off sale -  I LOVE it!


My exams are over!!!!  YIPEE!!!! No more anatomy and physiology - until next semester :-(.  Like a good mature aged student I studied very hard and know that I've passed this subject (phew). The thought of repeating it is motivation enough.

Next week I have an interview at the aged care facility I did my placement at so that I can do some casual work there.  The interview is a formality so I pretty much know I'm in.  I'm a bit nervous.  Without saying too much the residents are very high care and there is a lot to do.

The boys are chugging along well.  School is going well, soccer is going well.  They've been invited to TWO  parties this term.  I am so happy/relieved about this.   Although I hate stereotypes I can't help but have them in the back of my mind.  One is that kids with ASD have no friends/ don't get party invites etc.   My tip, is to have playdates and foster friendships with the kids and between yourself and the other mums. Its rewarding on so many levels.  If you need to get specific social skills help (and which kid on the spectrum doesn't!) I would ask to focus on skills relevant to playdates.

T2 is 'star of the week' at his school.  He got a special certificate in assembly outlying all is wonderful characteristics.  The kids love it and its a lovely touch.

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