Wednesday, 8 October 2014

94 days until marathon & just when I thought my life was calming down....


50 minute slow jog.  I can't find my Garmin, which is probably a good thing as I'm not really fit enough to push the speed right now.  My beginner marathon schedule said 50 minutes and that's what I did.  It was so cool and no humidity for a change.  I really enjoyed it.  Tomorrow said a rest day or cross training.  I got a shock email today (see below) and am still recovering so I think tomorrow will be a rest day.
One of my favourite views from my run


The twins are doing swimming lessons with school.  Today I volunteered to be a parent helper (translation - I wanted to check out how my kids were going).  I was mainly worried about T2 as T1 is pretty good.   T2 was really well behaved but I doubt whether he would have absorbed any of the instructions if I hadn't repeated them in his ear and prompted from behing to listen to the teacher.  There were 10 (yes TEN!) kids in a class and it was a 45 minute lesson so overall he did really well. But at the same time his swimming was quite abit worse than the others in his group and his listening to instructions was not good.  Ho hum!


I just finished a long afternoon/evening shift at work and logged on to my email to be informed that my nursing placement will start in 3 weeks - PANIC.  Its 40 hours a week for 3 weeks and 1 and half hours drive away.  My vital signs are through the roof right now.  What's worse is that I have a HUGE, HORRIBLE anatomy exam in the middle of my placement so therefore NO study time.  I'll be so ticked off if my GPA drops.  Freaking out right now!

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