Tuesday, 14 October 2014

"long run" & T1's first 'real' cricket match

I'm still getting back in the habit of blogging and didn't get to logging my one hour run yesterday.  I found my beloved Garmin, which I'm really happy about and ate a mammoth pancake brekky with amazing yoghurt, fruit and choc- chips.  And pure maple syrup of course!

Saturday T1 made his cricket debut.  He played really well and was much calmer than he was at training.  He did make a strange comment to his cricket teammates, who he doesn't know too well yet.  He went up to a group of them when he got to the game and in a loud voice asked "do you know what a million plus a million is?"  I cringed.  We need to work on initiating conversation!!  His batting was good and his bowling was excellent.  I've forgotten how bad the bowling is at under 8 levels.  Or should we just call it chucking :-)!

A perfect cricket day - T1's debut!

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