Monday, 20 October 2014

82 days left until marathon -

Forgot to blog my Saturday run of 40 minutes.  Today's run was 1 hour.  I have a knack of heading out for my run and ten minutes later the rain begins.  But I'm really enjoying it.  Thankkfully it hasn't been torrential.  I don't know if I'd like that.  

Life has been boring and stressful at the moment.  I've been working far too much and then trying to cram in study.  Next week I'll begin my clinical placement for 3 weeks as well as dealing with uni exams.  AND I have to stay down south for it.  Something has to give.  Its almost time for me to put my foot down about working to many shifts.
I wish I was back to blogging about high teas, movies and fun activities I've been doing with my boys but its not happening at the moment.
At least it was good studying weather!

I am really proud of T1 and T2.  T2's behaviour has been wonderful lately and he started Milo cricket last Friday arvo. He only just held it together as he was so tired after a full week of school.

In other news the twins have been invited to another party! Hurray for friends!

Which reminds me I have to organise the twins birthday party - at least working means we'll be able to pay for it! :)

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