Thursday, 2 October 2014

Getting back into it...


This morning I ran a very slow 20 minutes.  Thankfully, I've had no aches and pains and I'm continuing to add 5 minutes to my run time each week.  Finally, I hope I'm on the road to fitness again.
A beautiful morning for a run!

Letting go

My eldest (neurotypical) is off to high school next year and I've come to face that I have to start letting go.  So today he and a friend went to see a movie without parents.  I dropped them off at their seats and went and studied in the foodhall for a couple of hours before picking them up.  All went well and it made me think about T1 and T2 and hope that their time will come.  I already know that T1 will get there but less sure about T2 (but deep down I know it will happen).
A good nurse can eat while studying cadavers and the urinary system!

The bad thing about letting eldest see movies without us is that we don't get to see the latest teen movies!  They saw Maze Runner and gave it a good review but eldest thought it might be too scary for me! :)

The whole family went to see the new Planes movies and for the first time T2 watched the whole movie.  Its the first time I haven't had to palm him off to my husband in frustration.  I did have a timer going and every 15 minutes of  'good watching the movie' he got more snacks.  It worked a treat.

Its good to be back!

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