Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A glimpse of old times! & the highlight of my eldest's life


A beautiful cool morning, with little humidity for a change.  I ran 40 minutes this morning after work.  I had just finished a four hour shift on my feet and decided I wasn't allowed to sit down before I did my run (sitting is lethal for my training :)).  For the first 20 minutes my legs felt like lead but by the last 10 minutes I started to really enjoy my run and see a glimpse of my old fitness - just a glimpse though!  Rest of the day involve studying, watching summer soccer and taking the twins to Kumon.  I've got an early meeting at school tomorrow about the twins.  I'm hoping/ praying for a good outcome.

Nice lawnmower - hey!


Yesterday was a day off running and work to drive 11/2 hours (each way) to watch eldest play in the state PSSA soccer semifinals.  For those of you who don't know - it is a BIG deal.  Unfortunately his team lost but he got to the last 4 school from about 500 in NSW.  Not bad son!  We bought him some jerseys and t-shirts which I think we're going to have to surgically remove to wash.  Boys!  Don't you love them?
My husband was very impressed with the pitch :)

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