Friday, 10 October 2014

92 days until marathon day and IEP follow-up


My marathon program said 40 minute run so that's what I did.  I plan to have a comprehensive search for my Garmin this weekend.  Meanwhile I think I'd be so disappointed by my pace that its a blessing I can't find it.  Conditions were a little hotter than they have been in the last few days but overall my legs are coping well.
Its going to be a long, hot summer


T1 had cricket training this afternoon.  It wasn't ideal timing, late on a Friday arvo.  He was tired, a little bit silly (most of the kids were!) and not at his best cricket wise.  Tomorrow is his first official game of cricket.  If someone had told me 2 or 3 years ago that he'd be playing a proper cricket match for 2 hours and holding his own socially and ability wise I wouldn't have believed them.  He doesn't know most of the boys and I must say his social skills have been a little shaky, with showing off and copying bad behaviours of others and having some of his own.  The bright side is that this will improve as he gets to know the kids or will give us something to work on with T1.  I'm usually so fixated on T2's progress that I sometimes forget that T1 still needs help.  Twins with autism - the stress, highs and lows!

I've been summoned to the school for an end-of-year IEP (individualised education plan) meeting.  I know what this is about.  School says - T2 is amazing and doesn't need a shadow, me saying yes he does, there are still many very obvious social and language difficulties to work on.  I am gearing up for battle!  Not to say that the school hasn't been amazing- it has.  I'm going to get prepared and try not to stress about it.

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