Sunday, 23 March 2014

A HUGE day!

Shall I just list everything I did today?  I'm half exhausted and half exhilarated because of the sheer enormity of it.

Lets start at just before dawn shall we?  It is Sunday, mind you!

  • 15km long run
  • Got home in time to literally have a 60 second shower, grab the twins and head down to
  • the twin's trial soccer game
T1 running in for one of several goals

Its 4 a side so a great way for T1 to make new friends and sharpen his social skills

T2 was off the pace but he survived and managed to kick the ball a few times

  • stopped off at the shops to buy a present for a party my eldest was going to
  • got home in time to sit down for 5 minutes and wash my hair
  • dropped eldest at party
  • took the twins to McDonald's ( I know, I know its evil stuff but its T2's big reinforcer for kicking the ball during soccer - believe me, he needs the big guns to play soccer with kids his own age).
  • Came home and went for a swim with the twins (I don't know why I bothered washing my hair!)
  • Made mini-quiches for the boys' school lunches
  • Did a 21/2 hour therapy session with T2 - one of his therapists has shingles so I'm getting back into it
  • Then my husband and I took the twins to the park.  I literally shuffled and wasn't my usual energetic self - I sought out the swing as soon as we arrived - just to sit down (my poor aching feet!)
T2 training at the park :-)

Then we went for a stroll by the river

  • After dinner and clean up my mother and I made a batch of choc-chip cookies
  • I wrote up T2's therapy folder
  • Helped get the boys ready for bed.
  • Am now catching up with blogs/email

And I still have to study the skeletal system and joints and do an assignment on palliative care (nothing like an assignment on dying to finish off the day!).  But in all seriousness, I'm finding the topic extremely interesting.  I decided to bring up advance care planning with my husband and discuss care preferences for end-of-life care...- his response? 'do we have to talk about this now?' (bless him!)  My list of requirements was quite long and he said - you don't much do you!  Haha!

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