Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Running has helped me survive........

....keep reading to find out - you will start scratching your head - I promise :-)


A beautiful predawn 6km run this morning.  I haven't run that early in a while - and I loved it.  Its been an 'eventful' week and yesterday I didn't run.  My body was tired but my mind could have really done with a clean out yesterday so this morning I out the door early.  I really, really needed a good, solid run.


I had recovered from the flooded kitchen and the dead dishwasher and last night was settled in to polish off an assignment when my eldest came downstairs.  It was about 9.30pm.  He said 'my head's itchy'.  Fellow parents - I know what you will all be thinking.  And yes, you are right.  Apprehensively, I checked his hair, and yes there they were...eggs and one hatched lice.  I've been a parent for over 11 years and have we've never had a case.  Just a little tip for you - don't let your child borrow another child's helmet, which is what we did on Sunday and I'm pretty sure that's the source.  Anyway, it doesn't really matter where they came from, we've been lucky to get by so long without a case.

By this stage,  it was 9.40, the late night chemist closed at 10pm - I made it, returned and spent the next hour treating, combing and killing the little $#*@s.  Then my head started to feel itchy and I started to freak out.  I got the family all looking at my head and they deemed it psychological and that perhaps my scalp was a little flaky (sorry, TMI) and I was lice free.

I'm starting to think what is going to happen next!  Thank God for running (and I mean that)!!

Anyone want to share natural treatments for head lice removal/prevention?

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