Friday, 14 March 2014

A strong 6km; resilience & a lazy Saturday morning!

Yesterday I set out to run a 'solid' 6 km.  I didn't want to go all out as I have a race tomorrow, so I just went by the feel and didn't look at my Garmin.  I just uploaded my data and am really pleased that every 1km split was under 6min/km.  For those who want to see the data, you can check it out below.
I'm hoping the couple of dips were nasty hills :-)

Its the first Saturday morning in  LONG time that I can be a lazy slob.  No mini-cricket and no Parkrun.  School mornings are pretty hectic too so I'm loving this morning.  I'm just lazing round, typing my blog, drinking tea (green) and doing as little as possible.  I might check out some blogs and drink 20 cups of tea today :-)- but I'll also have to study as well, which is ok.  Sometimes even parents need a rest and I'm sure the boys will be ok.  They need a rest too. Bliss!

Following on from my previous comments about resilience.  Here are...

5 ways you can build resilience.

1) In a painful situation look for any positive aspects or at least any valuable teaching moments that may arise out of the situation.  Practise positive self-talk.  Writing in a gratitude journal can help develop a more positive outlook.
2) In the face of a painful experience practise problem-solving rather than blame.  Ask the right questions e.g. 'what are my choices here?' and 'what can I use in this situation?' rather than non-useful reactions
3) Help others - research has shown this builds resiliency
4) Keep physically healthy - and spending time outdoors and in nature is particularly healing
5) Develop a sense of humour where you can learn to laugh and make jokes in the face of painful situations.  That's where the terms 'black humour' and 'comic relief' originate from.

 I know I could improve in most of the above areas.  Thanks to rediscovering running I think I've at least got 4) covered.

How many of the above  do you do? 

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