Monday, 10 March 2014

A pretty chart for you!


Last night both my eldest and T2 kept me up.  I'm not sure why....a bad dream/sleep disturbance/asthma???  So I wasn't up for a morning run this morning.  After I'd finished the Monday morning cleanathon I do with my MIL every week I forced myself not to sit down, but to lace up the joggers.  It was the middle of the day, 27 degrees and sunny.  According to my training program I was due for a speed session- 2 minutes hard running, 2 minutes easy running/shuffling repeat x5.  Today was my fourth day running in a row.   It hurt, I won't lie but collapsing into the pool afterwards was heavenly.  Tomorrow is a day off running.  Tomorrow is all about hitting the textbooks and preparing for T2's IEP (Individual Education Plan).

I'm pretty impressed with myself for working out how to do this! Hey I'm a GenXer - don't laugh

Do you love running charts/stats?

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