Thursday, 20 March 2014

My golden rule of running & a free range parenting - autism parent style!


After school drop off I adhered to my golden rule when I plan a run during the day.  This rule serves me well.  It goes like this - don't sit down, don't think, do immediately put on running gear and get out the door asap.  Under no circumstances, I repeat under no circumstances should you sit down.  If you do there will be no run.  What do you think of my rule :-)?  It works for me.

I ran 6km and came home, did my stretches and jumped in the pool.  Its about the only time I'm in the pool lately as the water temp is a little cool but it feels so good after a hot run.

Can you spot the killer hill?


I'm a natural helicopter parent, which is lucky because if I wasn't I'm pretty sure T2 would be dead.  You think I'm kidding?  I'm not.  Once when I forgot to deadlock the front door he took off and ran across a road and up a road without looking.  He was 3 years old but had no concept of danger - at all.  A classic absconder.  I was chasing him up the street while he was laughing hysterically and running as fast as he could up the street.  Many kids with autism are dragged out of pools, ponds etc every year.  Its one of the many stresses and thankfully T2 is much better (but not perfect) with this.

Anyway, yesterday we were running late for school and I casually asked the twins if they wanted to do school drop off.  They said 'yes!'.  Its a pretty secure system but it did mean I had to remain in the car while the boys walked into the school to lines.  This is free range parenting for me - hee hee!.  But I confess, I immediately parked the car, walked into the school and checked they had made it.  Today I did the same.  Tomorrow I plan on not parking the car.  The lure of leaving late and being able to look an absolute wreck in the morning is overcoming my tendency to helicopter parent.  This a big step for them and for me!

School is making me nervous right now.  I'm hoping I won't toss and turn tonight.  The boys IEP (Individualised Education Plan) meeting is scheduled for next week and the shadow wants to debrief with me beforehand.  Sounds serious.  Aahh- parenting kids on the spectrum sucks sometimes.

On the bright side they did some amazing craft at school today.  Check it out.
T2 - this is amazing..I remember when colouring produced a paper scrunching tantrum!

T1's cute little sheep

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  1. Hope the IEP goes well. I had to be like you when C was little or he'd have drowned for sure. Do not miss those days at all! I love your just do it morning routine. I'm like that with work but not so much with exercise, aha!