Saturday, 1 March 2014

Did you miss me? Did you miss me? Did you miss me?

Sorry, I've been watching too much Sherlock.  But I hope you did miss me.  My husband whisked me away to The Anchorage, Port Stephens, which was beautiful and wonderful.  But due to the absence of a gym and the torrential rain on day 2, no running was done.  But I was up and back into it this morning.

Someone in my street has decided to get a rooster.  Is that allowed in the 'burbs?  Anyway, this morning it crowed incessantly from the crack of dawn. I'm not sure whether to be thankful or resentful of the rooster.  But it did get me out of bed for a quick (or not so quick) 6km.  I was just happy to get back into it after my hiatus.

Back to The Anchorage.  We left early on Thursday morning and arrived midmorning.  We checked our bags and headed straight down to what the board promised was the best fish and chips in NSW.  Except we didn't have fish or chips!  We did buy king prawns from the co-op next door and then headed ordered potato scallops and crumbed calamari.  We sat by the water and the day was gorgeous.  Its very quiet in Nelson Bay during the very, very peaceful.  Then we hit the pool. I absolutely coated myself in sunscreen and thankfully there were umbrellas by the pool.  And there were no kids by the pool.  Sometimes its so great to have a little kid-free time.  I joked to my husband that we should investigate those 'kid-free' islands one day (well maybe not a complete joke)!
Nelson Bay - I once swam the leg of a triathlon right here!

So peaceful

We'll have to try the fish n chips next time

Actually this was unbeatable!

Chillin by the pool

My kingdom for some unbroken sleep!

The first thing my husband critiques in a hotel room

Bathroom was a little dated but it did the job
A prawn thingy - you get extra food in fancy restaurants!

Shoulder of lamb
The chocolate oozed out of this fondant - delicious
We had dinner in Merrett's restaurant.  if you ever go there, the chocolate fondant and peanut butter ice-cream is to die for.  T2 had woken up the last 3 nights in a row.  Many kids on the spectrum have sleep disturbances.  T2 is pretty good but every few weeks he wakes up a few days in a row and its a killer.  So it was great to get some unbroken sleep and I didn't open my eyes until 8.20am.  I had such a great sleep.  But it was raining - hammering actually.  We had a buffet brekky.  The highlight was the option of making a pot of English Breakfast with tea leaves.  No tea bags!

Real tea leaves in a pot - just the way it should be

Love this

A closer look

This morning was presentation day for Milo cricket for myself and T1.  There was a special guest, The Sydney 6.  I sternly warned T1 that he wasn't to tackle or punch the poor Sydney 6.  I noticed quite a few boys give it a punch in the guts, but I'm proud to say T1 refrained.  T1 got a certificate and that was it.  Soccer season is looming....
The Sydney 6.... boys about to pounce!

The front view.  Some littlies were a little freaked out!

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