Monday, 17 March 2014

Another PB!!! & an easy 10km & confrontation

Today I found out my time for yesterday's 5km and I did it in 24min 17 secs!!  A big PB for me. But just to put it in context, I was beaten by a 12 year-old girl!  This morning I headed out for an easy 10km.  The sky was streaked pink and blue and there was an enormous full moon.  It was beautiful!  I don't take my phone with me now that I have my Garmin but I think I'm going to have to take my phone out to try and get a photo tomorrow morning, in the hope of a repeat.

Not much else exciting this Monday - a clean-a-thon, study time and Downton Abbey - which I'm loving.  It such a visual feast, one of the reasons I love nearly all British period dramas.  If only there was more time to watch.

Boys seemed to have had a good day at school.  I wish there was better communication.  I need more info.  Hopefully no news is good news.  I'm thinking about bringing the subject up but I HATE confrontation - really hate it.  I love running so much.   It helps me deal with all the stress of parenting these precious boys with ASD.

How do you deal with confrontation?


  1. I'm terrible at confrontation, really hate it... but we ASD mums just need to get after it sometimes. Don't laugh,but before going into sticky situations I pray for help, and pray to stay calm and firm and clear.... I don't know who I am praying to but it does work. These days I try to get things over and done with fast, otherwise I'm awake too much at night!! I just watched series 4 of Downton on DVD, what an escape, fantastic.

    1. Definitely not laughing, praying is a great idea. The school the boys are at has been amazing but it doesn't stop the sleepness nights sometimes :-). Downton is such an escape - I'm a sucker for British costume dramas.