Thursday, 13 March 2014

A 'social' run; exploring Woolwich & resilience

My legs were feeling fresh after two days off.  I had organised to run 5km with one of the mums from school.  I'm usually a solitary runner. Firstly, because I'm really busy and need to slot a run in whenever I can.  Secondly, I live with five other people and although I love them to pieces, I love a bit of time to myself.  I found it difficult to talk while running but luckily we were going at a manageable pace so it was fine.  I'm so glad we found this school for the twins and although I didn't know anyone really well at first, I'm making a big effort and its paying off.  I'm starting to lose that fish-out-of-water feeling in the playground.   I've been a mum for 11 years now and I've got to tell you, the playground can be a jungle for the mums and the kids!

Today was my husband's day off and we headed for nearby Woolwich.   I'd never explored there and I didn't want to go to far afield.  It was a really interesting day.  We went for a walk along the harbour, which was peaceful and relaxing.  Just what I needed.  We seemed to stumble upon an American yachting headquarters for the USA Oracle team.  I'm not sure what event they are preparing for but they had a lot of equipment and were hard at work. Then we stumbled on this INCREDIBLE boat. A deckhand was polishing it.  I googled the boat name and this private boat cost $10 million dollars! Expensive toy!
Great view but a really hazy, humid day

Ahh the solitude!

Oracle Team USA

This boat is worth $10 million - I kid you not!

Woolwich docks took 4 years to build in the early 1900s

Woolwich Docks

Then we walked around a bit more and walked back to the Woolwich Pier Hotel for some Dory and chips.

This is my idea of a pub

This was delicious, and reasonably priced.

Exterior of the Woolwich Pier Hotel

I've been hunting a textbook that I haven't been able to get my hands and my lovely husband drove me to North Sydney.  Now I just have 4 chapters of reading to catch up on.
The elusive textbook - finally located

One of my assignments I'm working on at the moment is on the topic of resilience.  Why do some people have it and others don't?  Is it inherent?  Is it to do with a person's early environment?  Can resilience be learned? If so, how?  Its really interesting.  I'm going to finish it off tomorrow and share some of what I learned.  I think it relevant for people who have kids on the Spectrum.

Would you describe yourself as resilient?

If so, what do you think makes you a resilient person?

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