Monday, 3 March 2014

Running and life sucking right now

Having a difficult couple of days so will just log my running.
Sunday: 12km long run
Mon: 5x 1 minute hill repeats with 1 minute cool-down in between.

In an nutshell -

  • uni has started up again (I'm also doing a TAFE course), 
  • getting swamped with bills, 
  • some 'person' (edited after I calmed down) put a screw in my tyre for parking in front of their house
  • T2 wet himself today. He never does that.  There was some garbled story about a teacher he didn't know reprimanding him at recess.  What? I don't get it.  Where was his aid?  What actually happened?  

Currently eating lots of chocolate.  LOTS.  But at least I'm not drinking right?

My brother-in-law gave me a gift before he died.  It was a magnet that said NEVER NEVER GIVE UP.  It helps me at times like these.

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