Saturday, 8 March 2014

A Parkrun PB and be careful when your studying anatomy at home!


This morning was the first Saturday morning that I've had free for a while.  So it was down to my local Parkrun.  When I arrived I noticed bbqs set up and it dawned on me it was the Parkrun's 1st birthday.  Cool!  We lined up and there were presentations etc. and we waited for mayor to arrive.  While we were waiting a full on dog fight broke out.  I am so glad there's a fence around that area!  We gave up waiting for the mayor and the race started.

It was hot!  It's always hot when I go do a Parkrun.   I can't wait to run a Parkrun in cool conditions.  I got a PB which I was really happy about.  I can't believe how much harder today's 5km was compared to yesterdays.  But the pain was worth it.  I got a PB!
The crowd from afar

After the run there was a sausage sizzle and an amazing cake that the race director's wife had made.  It was amazing.  I was having a bit of a chat when my phone rang.  It was my husband 'come quick, eldest is batting now!'.  I looked longingly at the food, then at my phone, then at the food again, managed to quickly grab a fantale and sprinted off to my car.

This cake is so awesome..I wish I had eaten some!

And Parkrun cupcakes!

There was a couple of speeches that summarised everything I love about the Parkrun concept.  It ties in with what I've been studying- holistic health.  Its free, therefore accessible, it promotes physical health, community and social interaction.


This afternoon I was pretty exhausted so kicked back to listen to an anatomy lecture.  Late this afternoon my eldest came to me with a look horror on his face.  He had powered up the computer to do his mathletics and was faced with a slide of the female reproductive system! Ha!ha!  I assured him it was ok, just part of my studies.   I'm glad I didn't leave the photographs of human cross sections I was viewing earlier!

Rugby league is well and truly back.  I'd forgotten the screams of agony and ecstasy in the house.  I hope Manly win tonight.  I like a happy family!

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  1. LOL, poor son. We were all at Brookie in the rain last night, but my daughter wasn't watching in the second half and she and I left early... then they were beaten - shocker!! You've inspired me to go and look up Parkrun, as I haven't really heard about it. It'd be hard for me to run 5km but am noting to file. Hope you all have a good week.