Tuesday 25 February 2014

6 km & success when you least expect it

T2 was up in the middle of the night so I didn't get up to run this morning.  But I really wanted to do a run today so went out just before midday.  My goodness it was so hot!  I don't know how all the lunchtime warriors run through Summer.  Cudos to them!  I did 6km and am happy that tomorrow my legs will get a well-deserved rest.

After getting little sleep I wasn't surprised when the twins' teacher said they had a so-so day.  I was prepared for the boys to chill out and maybe play their electronics or have a swim this afternoon.  So I was astounded when T2 came downstairs with a plaster VW and set up his paints, got some water and sat down on his own and started painting it.  This may not seem like a big deal but kids on the spectrum often need to be taught functional leisure skills and often lack fine motor skills.  T2 has struggled with both and still does.  So this was the highlight of the day.  He also initiated doing some colouring in this morning for pleasure.  We had to  systematically train T2 to successfully colour.  Moments like these, especially when we least expect are so gratifying and motivate me that T2 can still make lots of progress.
T2 hard at work

Such a great job for T2 - who doesn't love a combi van?!

This evening my MIL and I went up to our local club for the February birthday draw.  I was sent discount vouchers for the Chinese restaurant, drinks, raffle tickets and the big birthday draw.  I had my phone all charged up to take photos but left it at home.  There were so many people there!  All hoping for a birthday win!  No meat trays, gift hampers or birthday cash for me but we had a great meal in the restaurant with drinks and hot chocolates at a really reasonable price.  Sorry there's no photos.

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