Friday, 14 February 2014

6km & Celebrating my Dad's 70th at Cockatoo Island

This morning I woke up very grumpy, mainly because of the patches of sunburn.  Oh why didn't I reapply the sunscreen?  Why did I use thick, impossible to spread clear zinc?  Oh my poor lobster body!  I thought the best way to turn my mood around was go for a run and hopefully it would rain and cool down my lobster self.  It didn't rain but the run did the trick.  I felt much happier when I returned (and had a cold bath).

After I dropped the boys at school I went to Cockatoo Island for the day with my dad and mother-in-law.  My dad loves boats and history so it was the perfect venue.  It was very quiet and we had hot chocolates/coffee, wandered around looking at convict relics and the old shipyards and then had a lazy lunch while gazing straight out to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  It was a great day.
Fast becoming one of my favourite destinations
I didn't notice the bloke on the roof at the time!

So eerie and quiet - you can feel the history in these buildings

Huge workshop they used to build ship turbines

A very large lathe

Superintendent's house - has a spectacular view!

The view from our lunch table - not too shabby!

When I picked up the boys I was told they had another great day at school.  Its been such a busy day that my husband and I have waited for twins to turn in before exchanging our Valentine's gifts.

I had my second cold bath for the day this evening.  And have been packing on the after sun cream.  I think my sunburn is starting to fade.  Phew.

Stop Press...I just entered the SMH Half-Marathon!  I have 12 weeks to prepare!!! I'm pumped and terrified and excited just thinking about it it!  

Help- any 12 week half-marathon programs to share?

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